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when the smartphone was invented 
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The first smartphone was created by the company called IBM 25 years ago 

The technology of the IBM widely created by developing the world first smartphone they named the smartphone was Simon. It starts sale in the year 1994 has the touchscreen, email capacity and also with the built apps in it. They gave a sketch pad and a calculator to the smartphone. 

Simon has some issues ins the smartphone such as a battery life of one hour only. It was not good as per the report. It only spent 6 months on the shelves and only shifted 50,000 units. 

The coming of the Flip phone in the middle of 1990 of Nokia through the part of the 21st century and the new internet-enabled phones which are known as the smartphone today. 

Many brands like Samsung, Apple and Huawei have started controlling the Market in the mobile industry. In the world only talk about us it is around 2.5 billion smartphones and the figure are rising almost 3 billion by the year 2020. Talking about china the production of the powerhouse. In the last year, China has manufactured over 186 million smartphones and it is the big number of smartphones. 

Smartphone peak

As the new data from the IMF (International Monetary Fund) says that the smartphones are going to rise will go more at the peak and will be a rise in a row. 

China is the biggest manufacturing hub in smartphones and China is capable to built many numbers of smartphones but last year the smartphones market declined by 4%, but the Apple smartphones statistics got decreased. But the industry is increasing in a unit of the sales. The IMF analysis says that smartphone makers have to count the price to increase the continued revenue of growth. 

The increasing of material for the consumer the new smartphones are increasing of the higher price tags. In the Research and analysis of smartphones s, the upgrade has been slowed down due to the lack of quality of the handset and many users preferring to buy good smartphones. 

Talking about the changing of the smartphones are slowed by the consumer because consumers are choosing good models of smartphones and keeping them for a long time. They are Preferring the high quality of 4 G connectivity and also the better camera features and also the strong smartphone in which makes slow down sales of the smartphones. 


Was Apple the first smartphone?
No, IBM has invented the first smartphones. 

Who is the father of smartphones? 
 The father of smartphones is Andy Rubin of Android he has done major work in smartphones. 

Which country has the most smartphone users?
China is coming on 1st number on using the  911.92 million smartphones and has the major user and on the 2nd it comes to the India which has 439.42 million smartphones user 

Who came first apple or Android?
First Android OS has come before the iOS or iPhone. The first true device which came into the market was the HTC Dream G1 which came almost after the release of the iPhone. 

Who came first Apple or Samsung?
The first Samsung phone was launched on June 29th of 2009 and the iPhone got released in the year 2007 on 29th June fully 2 years. 

Which phone is most used in the world?
The most used phone is the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus which was released in the year 2014 it is a best selling touchscreen phone was of Apple. Both the phones were sold around 220 million units were sold. There was also Motorola RAZR V3 which was released in 2004. Which was sold over 130 million units. 

Which phone is most used in the world?
Apple and Google both have the best app stores. But as compared to Apple and Google is better and superb by organizing apps. Android is much useful the Apple has the store. 
Who came first Google or Apple?
Google of Android was started in the year 2003 and bought by Google in 2005 and the Apple has come in the year 2007. So Google has come first then Apple. 

When did the smartphone become popular?
The smartphone became most popular in the year 2007. Got popular because Steve Jobs has transformed smartphones into doing work with smartphones. In which the launching of the new lightest smartphone in 2007 this way smartphone became popular. 

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