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How big is the iPhone 12 mini


In this article, you will get the information about how big the iPhone 12 Mini is in this article with their full information
This is a new size of the iPhone – The 12 Mini. 
Small hands smartphone has come in the market for the people. The new iPhone 12s has come with a small phone which comes with a full size one but not a slower one, and it is a cheaper version like the SE. 
The Mini come with the same chip as all the rest of the iPhone smartphones 12s and also has other new and good features like a ceramic shield screen which is harder to break and also has the 5g. The camera also has the night mode and also the wide-angle setting, like the 12 – but it is not good as the iPhone 12 pro. 
How big is the iPhone 12 Mini
The iPhone mini 12 has 5.18 inches of height and as compared to 5.78 inches of the 12. Exactly how big is the Mini feeling to my hands. The price is lower and starts with the $699 and the iPhone 12 at $799. And it is best for the person who loves the small iPhone. People like the bigger iPhone and many of them preferred the Mini. 
Here are the photos of how the smartphone looks at your hands:
How small is the iPhone 12 mini? 
The iPhone 12 Mini comes with a display size of 5.4 inches. And it is smaller than the iPhone SE smartphone. Its price is $699 it has a 4.7-inch screen. 
Are iPhone 6 and Mini 12 the same size? 
The smartphone is smaller than the usual size it has 4.7 of the home button though the size of the screen is large and big. 
Is iPhone 12 mini 5g? 
The iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12, iPhone 12 pro max work with the 5G network
Does the iPhone 12 mini have Touch ID? 
Yes it has the touch id over the Face ID it has a smaller screen and has a good handset 

How much will the iPhone 12 mini cost? 
The iPhone 12 mini starts with the price of $699 on the contract from the carriers like the company Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile and others. In which you have to pay $729 with the price of the 64GB and $50 more for the double storage of 128GB and 256GB for the $150 more have to pay. 
How good is the iPhone 12 mini camera? 
There are Two lenses are set up on the back of the iPhone 12 mini which gives sharp photos and helpful from the Apple image software. 
iPhone 12 mini gives the good and powerful computational of photography and also the A14 Bionic chip with the dual camera array. This gives you both ultra-wide with the F/1.6 of the aperture which gives you the fantastic low light of the photography and good videos. Night mode is also better and in dark, the photos are also looking good. 
Is the iPhone 12 mini fast? 
The iPhone 12 mini comes with the Apple A14 Bionic chip which comes with a smooth operating system and faster performance and gives the good ability to play big games. 

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