Best How To Reset Iphone 8

             Best how to reset iPhone 8 


In this article, you will get the information to reset your iPhone 8 in an easy way and with the good tips so that you can easily reset your iPhone 8 with yourself and will make us happy for it and read all steps to reset iPhone 8

With the release of the iPhone 8 and the iPhone X, Apple company has made some changes in the method used to do the force restart of its device. These changes come just a year after apple has done changes in there iPhone 7. 

These made of changes not only affect the Force restarts but there is also alter the process for the entering mode and the DFU mode. You will get details to step in this article so read the full article. 

As the ios 11.1 betas realise, pressing the side button + the volume button invokes the emergency dialling functionality on the mobile iPhone 8.

In iPhone 8 and 8 plus models are running in ios 11. Due to change in the functionality of the method for the force of restart and the recovery mode and also DFU mode it is more needed to be implemented and Apple is done that process. 

To do the force restart (hard reset) of the iPhone 8, – press and release the volume up button, also press and hold the Side button until your device gets reboots -then release. All three buttons should be pressed in the relative and quick Succession. After holding the side button For the ten seconds and the iPhone will force a restart. 

Steps to follow to reset iPhone 8:

How to get into recovery mode on the iPhone 8? 

Step 1: Connect your iPhone 8 to the  Mac or PC with the USB cable. 

Step 2: Press and release the volume up button and press and release the volume down button and also hold the side button until your device gets reboots. Continually holding the side button till even after see the Apple Logo will be seen. 

Step 3: Release the side button when you see the connect to iTunes logo appear on the iPhone’s display. 

Step 4: The iTunes will be launched and you will see the message starting from “There is a problem with iPhone that requires it to be updated or restored” here you can choose to update or restore your iPhone 8 software. 

Get into  DFU mode on iPhone 8 

Step 1:  Connect your iPhone to Mac or PC with the USB cable. 

Step 2:   Press and release the volume up button then press and release the down volume button then press and hold the side button for 10 sec until the screen turns black. 

Step 3:  still holding the side button then press and hold the volume button for the 5  Sec then release the side button continuing to hold volume down button another for 10 sec. The screen should remain black. 

Step 4:   Launching the iTunes you will see a message that “iTunes has detected an iPhone in recovery mode. You must restore this iPhone before it can be used with iTunes” 

 Exit recovery mode or DFU mode on iPhone 8.
There is no problem with the iPhone for an exit out of recovery mode or DFU mode is very simple. 

Follow the step to exit: Hold the side button until connect to iTunes logo disappears. Exit out of DFU mode Press and release the Volume down button then press and hold the Side button until you see the Apple logo on your screen 

The process is not too complicated if you do it will be easy to do just you have to follow the instructions and you have to do it. You will be easily Mastered in it. 

Conclusion: This process is not to complicated it is best to reset iPhone 8 in the easy way you have to just do the following steps as guided above and you will do easily with the pics by pressing the 3 buttons and reset your iPhone 

Comment below what do you think of the new method or any problem occurs then I will do your help 

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