Why Importance of Educational Technology isn't as Bad as You Think

                    Educational Technology

       In todays generation education is very important for the student and also increase in the technologies students , Teacher and all them are connected with  each other. In this you can also write an Educational technology essay. 

Education is very important for the human being to get the best life and leearn all the things in the best way. 

Educational technology meaning
The technology and education both combines and helps the student to learn in practical and theoretically is know as Educational technology

In simple words we can also say technology which does the work to taught the humans in easy format is called the Educational technology

      Importance of Educational technology

      We all know Educational technology is important for everyone in the day to day life to learn and study. Student like to read and learn from the colour full pictures which are very less in the books. So they tries to see this type of pictures in the  mobile phones of their parents to learn. There are not more pictures in the books. 
Today's generation child knows all the things in the mobile they also knows how to play games and they also know how to open the mobile and listen the music. They are very smart and the modern children's. 

Outside the classroom they see the colurfull things which helps to know the knowledge and some they learn from the smartphones. 

Some teachers also teach them Edtech and gives them the knowledge about it. Students likes the knowledge and get information from the teacher. There are many classes in the world who going on advance for the students they have started to make Smart Classes for the students. 
The trend is going to come to use of the Educational technology for the student to learn. Due to applying the educational technology will help the students to know the use of Internet. This helps the student for the market skills and development of their mind. 

Due to having the educational technology this will helps the child to learn easily and fast. This research has also been done. And also going for technology and teacher together makes good for the child to learn and get boost in their studies. There improvement we will see in their marks and grades. The teaching is gone online and the online test also been taken easily.  In Which secure the time of the students to go for the tutions and learn this will save money. 
   •   Types of Educational technology

1. Synchronous and Asynchronous

2. Linear learning

3. Collaborative learning

       Synchronous and Asynchronous

 Synchronous : In this we can learn with the classroom and we can also learn out of the classroom with this. Synchronous helps to get the exchange of the  and many other  information. By using the Synchronous  we can learn by live video chat, doing skype video by talking each other and many more things which helps to learn the education easily. 
Asynchronous :  In the Asynchronous you can learn by the email, website, blog and Other online courses,textbooks etc. In this if the student want to learn easily they can learn again if they have any questions by seeing the videos or reading the website.They can easily pass out for the diplomas and other courses in which they got failed in the subject they can learn and give the exam again. In today's generation many student is learning from the online courses. 

                      Linear learning

Linear learning is an learning with the hardisk and CD's it is computer based training it is given to the students the reading can be done by there mobile and tablets this is the book like online without going library in the shortform this type of learning is CBT (COMPUTER BASED TRAINING) in this the student give the mcq test and get their result instantly . In which they can also print the things and record the videos which helps them to learn and carry out offline. 

                   Collaborative learning

It is an computer supported collaborative learning . It is an e learning with the technology this helps the student to learn in a group and discuss the study and learn fast with the friends. In this there are also the teachers which helps the student to teach. This collaboration groups helps to learn it is based on E education principle. 
Collaborative learning is also a class online. 

     Objective of Educational technology

  The objective of educational technology is to give the best knowledge and education to the students. Improvement of the communication withe students and school. 

Make the tools to encourage the study of the students easily it would be powerful for the students to learn. Increase the protection of the education and awarness to learn and become ahead by the technology method. 

Objectives helps very much to the education and schools by making the web page in the social media platform and giving the total information about the students and studies. Access of the technology to learn in a simple way withe the online learning for the students to learn. 

         Scope of Educational technology

Educational technology scope is very good for the students to learn easily and the student mind question get the answer easily by the videos and chats. 
Educational technology is very good for the student to get the knowledge and the answer of the maths calculations and other doubts to get solved easily. 

Many courses like Byjus came online which gives the study of the standard of 1to 12th student online course and answers directly. 

Many website give the tricks to write and learn in the exam to score best in the exams this also scope which helps the student more in the exams. This all are the scopes which does help to education system. 
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In this post I have given the information of Educational technology in this I have explained about the importance of educational technology, types of educational technology, objective of educational technology, scope of educational technology which helps you to learn and the richness of the technology and the power of the educational technology

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