Why Internet Safety for Teenagers Will Change Your Life -the best ways

Internet safety essay

         Internet safety is very important we all know how to use internet but we does not know how to protect our data and not give the total data to others. This datas are sold in the market so we should see the offensive way to protect our data. 

Due to having data in other hand it can become dangerous for the person so look after it is very important. So read above you will get the detailed information about internet safety – tips, danger & safety. 

 Internet safety is very important for all the people to get safe and secure and restric the datas to get link in the datas like account information, gmail I’d, don’t  share the password of any account to the other people.

Get total verified by using any website make sure that all is safe and get easily stored and look after all the other safety that could not link your data. People does some mistakes and comes in the danger due to which they get some difficulties and problems which is faced by the persons. 

      Uses of internet

        In today’s era all the people have Internet and all the people uses Internet is not restricted it is in beyond the limits  and it’s uses in every field for getting all the information and having the ideas by all the people. They uses the internet they uses in seeing videos, playing online games, downloading the images and others which are mainly used by the peoples . 
Mainly people uses for fun purpose and chatting with other people and seeing the videos and doing the video calling and many more. Internet is rapid and fast becoming day by day the speed of the internet comes to 5g speed and the mobiles are becoming more faster and easier for the people to use from child to adult all are using the mobiles.

 People also are there who does not know to write they are also using mobile and using internet by the google assistant and making their life easier. 

      Dangers of the internet

               The new modern era all things are became easy and common people like to use internet and get there answer question but they are not finding in the safe way and leaking thier information and the hackers hacks the data and uses our mails and do their miss use of it and sells data and some of them also hack and get all their passwords of thier accounts . 
Give them threat messages and ask for money and they will not give money they will leak thier data or uses their profile and inter link the terrorist due to which police reacts and cyber cell will make him the arrest and due to which they can have jail 

The person has to suffer there years in the jail or use their photos which are private and leak in the social sides and privacy would become very difficult for the person due to which the harassment is done and the name of the person comes in bad name and all the other people not understand they make joke of the person the life of the person becomes difficult he or she could not come out from their home and show their face to anybody if the person not gives the money to the hackers who has hacked the account then this all threats are made by the hackers. 

 e safety

  Safety is very important by surfing the internet there is so much risk of tracking by the hacker and hacks the server so for the safety we should use VPN to get hidden and the google also says to use internet to protect ourselves from the attack of others and secured the data and cookies which is stored in the internet browser. 
There is also an safety measures are kept in the phones browser the incognito mode to protect from the hackers and there will be no data who is using and surfing the internet and there would be protection for the user to surf easily. 

There also the private browsers who are paid and has the private storing data that would not leak they give the security to the users and data will be protected. 

We can use the VPN for private browsing and protected and nobody knows who is using and these will be good for user and many people are using to get protected

Protect your self from using the vulgar sites which are dangerous who accomplished the data and cookies of the internet and would be dangerous for the privacy of the user and all data would be gained so get secured and not use the vulgar site. 

Advantages of internet

Internet has mainly many advantages we can do many things that are making blogs, giving the knowledge, getting the knowledge, uploading videos and many more and people loves to use internet we can study online from home without going else anywhere and get the total amount of information which makes the life easy of humans

Due to having internet people can ordered food, products, and other necessary thing in which they can get all the necessary thing at home in one click and get done without time wasting and searching in market due to which the time is not wasted and we get all the things. 

Internet has the communication power like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, TikTok and other platforms in which people can be famous and also people can share their feelings, problems in which it can be cured and raise voice against it and make louder as they can and make the actions done easily. There also earning by the people by doing the blogging by approving the adsense and affilate and people gets the earning there also YouTube which gives money by upploading the videos and gets the earning and this helps the people to earn at home people also do the affilate marketing and earn money by promoting the products. 

Disadvantages of e safety internet
Internet has the two things advantages and disadvantages in which disadvantages ruined the whole life of person like making the vulgar sites and got arrested by leaking the videos and doing the illegal thing like selling the products which are dangerous to the humans and in this if they are caught they got arrest around 10 to 12 years and which makes the life ruined

Another disadvantages is playing the unlimited games and not studying which makes the ruined life and getting in exams failed it is mostly done by the students. Due to this bad impact comes on the student and child does not listen of their parents and go in wrong direction and get ruined of their life. 

The disadvantages of internet leads to jail at last and has the dangerous impact some people are also using vulgar content and leaking thier data which is disadvantages and hacker get the data and sells in the market and hacks the phone and records all our data which is dangerous for the humans there are many more disadvantages like doing trafficking of drugs, and many other things. 

The coin has two sides as per it internet has two sides but disadvantages is very danger for the people it can ruined the life and people’s get struggled . 

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 In the post I have given the brief knowledge about the internet safety, internet danger, Advantages and disadvantages of the internet, and uses of internet this things are enough to have the knowledge and write the essay on internet

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