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            In this article you will get the detailed information about the open source and how this helps to the people and what is the open source ideas and knowledge so read the above article

    What is open source ? 

 •  Some people think what is open source no doubt I will tell about to you. The open source is the Based on the context  in the softwares development this helps to the specifically approachies for creating of the computer programming in this open source also refers to the people which can be modified by them and the design is publicly access to them.Defination of the open source is ” The software which is having the secure code which can be read by anyone in the easy way is called Open source”.In these  source code plays an important role it is the part of the software in which the computer users does not see this coding. It is coding which is input in it and done by the knowledgeable computer users uses this for doing the programming of the application and the websites. In this programming also helps to the user to show the features like good looking effects, designs and more in which they add the features in their apps and websites. 
           What is the reason behind using Open source? 
              • People and companies uses open source there are 4 reason behind it are 
         1 control
         2 security
         3 stability
         4 community
  This all things you will read in this paragraph

     •  Major companies and people using open source for getting the control on there websites and Application like the website of Facebook and it’s app in this they control all things by the open source in this they get the total informations about the people comments and data, analytics and also get the information of error which occurs in there systems. In this also they check in there software and examines the codes and they also check that anything they not wants it to be done by anyone. They can also change their parts in this also Users get benifited from the open source software they get benifited from this and they can use it in any purpose they wish. The other function does by it is Security in this some of the company and people uses the open source software in this it is having more security and it is stable then any other softwares. In this anyone can view and modify the open source software in this someone also can see the errors and helps the author to resolve the errors in it. In this helps the author to improve and upgrade by other consumer who are consuming without asking permission they also upgrade the software in which this timing changes and helps the author without paying and hiring they got the improvement in their softwares. The other is stability in it this helps the people to do the projects in the stable software which would not stop giving the services to them. Which would having the long term time for their project. In which they also distribute the secure codes for the open source software this tasks would not be disappear in which the open source tends to both incorporate and these operate according to the open standards. The last stand in it is the community👥👥👥 in this software also inspired a social community to uses there servicesin which they also gives the methods to meet up and they also build the groups in which the fanbase also increased in which they also offers the premium and elite pass to the people by paying the money by people. In which these helps the common people by all other means also. 
        Does it has Difference between open source software and other softwares ? 

     • This question also asked by some people but I have the answer is the open software has the security  and some other software also has secure codes which could not be cracked by the other users or data can be leaked. It controls all other things in it this type of software can also be called as “proprietary” Or “Closed source”.in which there is an privacy in the software about the data which only be seen by the author and inspect the things of datas and in which the author is trust worthy of not leaking the datas and the examples like Microsoft Office. But the open source is having the license affect the way people can use by study, modify, and distribute the software. In which it also grants the computer users to modify and do helps and can do the uses by they can use as per there wish. It is also called copyleft moreover in it open source live can helps the people to use it and get help without paying money by anyone without charging. They gives the open source license for their programing and secure codes in these type of programming. 
         Open source processing tools of Word press
  • CiviCrm
      Open source accounting tools
   • GU CASH
    • Open source is secured 
    • it is free to use
    • it has paid version also for the other             user and companies
    • it can be used by the secured without           paying anything
   •  it is easy to use and download
   •   it has software friendly 
 The open source is easy and free to use and it can be used by anyone so you can used it if you want to use for accounting I have given the above tools which can you use and gets the best way to do your work in this I have given the total idea about open source in it so read all the information and the word press tool are also good for blogging and the database so use the tools. If you have any question ask me I will clear out . 

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