In this guide you will gets the clear idea about who ranks first in 2020 of the online websites of the world and get the informations in detail about them which will help you to gain the best knowledge from us . So read the above articles.

                         The  E-commerce sites are growing very rapidly with the time is going on due to online business and increasing of mobile phones and computers and increasing the use of the internet by the people. In this article you will get the knowledge about the top 10 eCOMMERCE SITE of the world if you are thinking to do the online business and earn the profit so you can take knowledge of the good companies which are ahead in the world and doing best business in the field of eCOMMERCE sites. In this e-commerce sites earn more than 2billion and 740 million visitors per month in only United States. In this their followers are well established in volumes of seventy to a few hundred million visitors per month in the e-commerce sites of the world and like the  APPLE, of course it is a  leader among these all brands. Hence it mobile and it’s website has the global reach among the globe of the world. In this era also apple has the million visitors in the world and all days they have traffic in their website. Apple also sells more amount of harware, software and mobile in the world. It has more traffic from the UNITED STATES among the world. Apple is the most branded country of the world and it is the best e-commerce site. 
                  1 Amazon
         Amazon stand in the first place of the world among the visitors and earnings of the world. Amazon was founded in 1994. From 1994 to 2020 till now it has the monthly traffic of 2.012 billion visitors Amazon started its business as an online bookstore and later time goes on the sells gets increasred and they started selling media, electronics, apparel, furniture, food, toys, and jewelry. And have expanded their business among the world it became the leader of e-commerce site and started the retail business in which people enjoyed buying products. As well as Amazon published electronics, cloud computing and the subscription packs like Amazon Prime in their websites. 
            2 ebay
   Ebay it also do the work of online sells from the market place it allows people and business to sell the products by the  auction platform. Ebay was founded in 1995, Ebay is also an biggest eCOMMERCE site among the world it comes in second place among the ecomerce site and it has expanded their business more than 20 countries of the world. They sale of production like Cars and vehicles to electronics , fashion, homes and gardens and all other things it has estimated monthly traffic among the world is 746.5million visits. Ebay is the best platform to buy the products online. 
          3 WALMART
   WALMART website has the estimated monthly traffic of :294.5 million visitors it is the world largest retail Corporation, and it also operates hypermarkets and the big department stores and the grocery stores. It not only sells in United States it also sells in Canada, Mexico and other countries of the world through their subsidiaries. It sells large number of products from food to electronics, from fashion to the pharmacy products and all type of auto parts . So in which it comes in the place of 3rd it is the best and rolling website having the grocery customers and the diversified range of product retailer in UNITED STATES. 
         4 ETSY
      ETSY WEBSITE has monthly traffic of 222.5 Million visitors in month. It is a marketplace which is totally focused in handmade products and vintage products and the best unique items which help the people to sell directly their products to the website, it has a large number of art and photography products. It has all the item like food, bath, toys and others. It is also the best website which comes with the monthly visitors from the world wide. 
         5 HOME DEPOT
      Home Depot website ranks in 5th place with the 129.5 Million users in a month. It supplies hardware and home improvement supplies with the retailing company in the the nation of the united states. Which has more than 2,200 stores through the United states. Home Depot sells tools, and the construction products, and all the equipments like home and garden of the equipments  furniture and associated best services. It also sells the products in the Canada and Mexico. Home Depot is the best website which gives the best products for homes and gives the best service and it’s name is maintained in the world
       6 Target
  Target website it has the estimated monthly traffic of 128 million visitors comes in their website . It is the best Seconds latest department store like Walmart. It do the retail business in United states. It mainly operates 1800 stores it is not bigger as the wallmart. They are also gives the service of online sells to the customers. Targets sells all type of products like food to the all things. It is the good website due to having stores people can walk in and get the services to the people. 
      7 Best Buy.
  Best buy has the website best buy. Com which has the visitors of  monthly traffic 92.4 Million visitors in the world wide. It sells the electronic products like  video games, cell phones, appliances and other things in the United States. It also operates in 4  countries are United States, Canada, china, Mexico. It sells the products to their digital customers and also has the eCOMMERCE shops. In today’s world people like to but the electronic products. So it ranks in 7th place. 
      8 Wayfair
 Wayfair has estimated monthly traffic of 77.7 Million users it was founded in 2002 as the CSN stores it is specialized in furniture and home goods wayfair provides an open marketplace where more than 10,000 global supliers sell their product without any ristriction. It sells to the digital customer it has also developed the offices and warehouses in United States. It has also do business in Canada, Germany, Ireland. In which it supports the digital market and digital customers. 
           9 Macy’s
   Macy websites has the 74.9 million of the visitors in monthly traffic. Macy it is an store chain and leading departments in the United States. It sells women and men fashion, and accessories and also sells the children clothes and home decoration products. It also sells the product to the 200 location world wide and also ships the products on time. It also has shops where people can come and take the products facility
       10 Lowe’s 
   This company is also works in chain in the United States of the America. Which has more than 2000 stores in United states. Besides it also has an website named which has the monthly traffic of 70 million visits in the world. It sells the construction material home and garden equipments, furniture tools with their online platform with eCOMMERCE sites. It mainly earns from United States and neighboring countries of the United States it does not work like an Amazon it sells the construction things to the people
              In this you have got the clear idea about the eCOMMERCE sites which rank in top of the world all sites does a work in a different platform of the world and attracts the visitors and sells the product and gives the product by giving delivery if you have any opinion then share to us we will be appreciate it
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