Do you know the Top best technology companies

              In this article you will get the detail information about the technology this article you will get the detailed information about the technology companies and their work and their asset, market value of the company, shares, and other things in the market 

    Top 10 technology companies
                  1  Apple
                  2 Samsung

                  3  Microsoft

                    4  Alphabet
                     5   intel

                     6   IBM

                     7   Facebook
                      8   Hon Hai Precision

                       9   Tencent
                      10  Oracle
           Apple is the biggest company in the world wide it has the more fame and name in the world wide its a well known brand its Market value is  1.16 trillion USD dollars and it is stand in the first position in the world. It was got first great downfall but at last in 1997 the intelligent man Steve Jobs started to become the backbone of the company and due to which the Apple company stand up and the market flow got increased and the faith and name of the company got increased in the eye of the people and change the mind of the people because they made the new technology which made them stand up again from the bankrupt and earned a good name and fame in the market today in the world Apple company stands in the first 
         Samsung is the best company which builds the smartphones and has the good name in selling the smart phones in the world wide it stands in the second number as per the market value and asset value in the market it has 298.68 billion USD . it was established in the korea in the year 1969 . In which the Korean got the great success in making the mobiles and due to this they have the advanced technology people likes their mobile and started exporting in other countries and sold many number of the mobiles and became the best brand in the world samsung has made the good phones like S5 in which they exported this phone in 125 different countries in the world wide.They have also started to make the folded phones and introduce in the market  and sold these type of mobiles. 
                      Microsoft is one of the best name in the world wide with stand in the top technology companies it’s Market value is 1.10 trillion USD dollars . It stand in the 3 place it has the name in the world wide it has made the software which was got much popular than the other softwares in today’s time the world has the great faith in these company and it has the rapid growth in there shares in the market of the world wide technology companies. In which many companies are using Microsoft Windows system. Microsoft is a company which does heavily investing company in the field of the artificial intelligence to the application development. It is the biggest company and has the good earnings from the world. 
                  Alphabet is well established company.  It’s market value is 878.48 billion USD. GOOGLE restricted itself to create alphabet. It is google patient company it is in the hand of the google. It leads the search engine, and Alphabet also owns all the google projects such as Good X, fiber, google smart home project best. This company is also the owner of the google ventureand it also invest in Startups and Google capital and they also invest in the Long term projects. It is a very good company and has come back in 2015 in the month of the OCTOBER. 
             5  INTEL
                      INTEL CORPORATION IS AN private company. It comes in the second place revenue to the Samsung company. Intel is  known in the world wide by their Laptops . It’s microprocessor chips has became the popular in the worldwide it is seen in every computer it’s share prices gets increasing it stand in the 5th position of its market value having 245 billion USD dollars. Intel also has Cloud expansion. The cloud is an indication of modernization in the world wide by the companies. In this to improve the framework of the computing system has done the great hardwork to give the best technology to the people in the world wide. 
         6  IBM


              IBM STANDS FOR International business company. It is an biggest and oldest company in the world and know to the world its market value it has is 120.03 billion USD dollars it was founded in 1880s to manufacture the Computer scale of the business. It remains one of the biggest brand but it got sold to the lenovo company. After selling his company they does not stopped thy started making the hardware ans the software business and done investment in the hosting, cloud business work done by this company in the world wide . Today also his income is more and has name ans and fame in the market. 
        7 FACEBOOK

                FACEBOOK is one of the social media app which has the growing of social people conective platform in which by calculating the data it has 2.27 billion traffic of the persons are online monthly in this app. It earns by the advertisement and social media it’s market value is 552.39 billion dollars in the USD it was established in 2004 now it has the large number of the visitors in the world wide and also includes Instagram. Facebook is also purchased the whatsapp the leading company of chat. 

                   This company is making the multinational electronics items. It is established in  US. It has the name in the US is Foxconn Technology Group. In which it includes American customer and also hon hai operates 12 Chinese cities and country streching from the Brazil to Malaysia it has the based in China. It is the electronic company which gives services of the chips and other things in the lower amount. 
      Tencent is an Chinese company. It do the work of giving internet services . It is also an largest gaming companies which make the games it is also an venture outfit. Tencent has the market value of 3.02 trillion dollars it has also the right and frenchise of the international level having the James Bond games franchise and Star Wars frenchise from the Disney. There games are popular in the world wide market people likes to play the games because of having the mobiles and laptops in large number and having 4g support in the world wide. 
       10  Oracle 

              Oracle company is based on the software and hardware company developer. Oracle has the great name in the market because of there software and hardware this company has there base in California. They have the market value of 180.54 billion USD DOLLARS they are specialized in database management system. It also offers other services are financing training and consulting. And it is the best company and has the highest revenue in 2018 . It is the third largest tech company


  In this you have got the clear idea of top best leading companies which has more value in the market as a result their network of people and popularity in the market is more this information is based on 2018,2019,2020 top company which are gone briefly ahead and got the great success in the tech field

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