In this article you will get brief information about business technology and in which areas it make profit that you can become a best business man with the business technologies and get the best standing man in the business for the technology. In this today era technology is every thing and we need technology everywhere . Today’s world has become technology era which makes the work easy in the business.


            In these era business is very vast people are doing business from one place to another like the best example of Amazon he is doing business in the worldwide with the help of the technology having the best technology in which the customer are attracted due to his service and the customer care online we can do recharge or any transaction from mobile with the help of apps and can do shipping of goods from one place to another like the Amazon shipment we can do Ecommerse by the website and app of the Amazon. Technology is going on advance day by day with the time is running regardless as living, breathing and operatingbin the environment in which information technology is changing the landscape around them.Due to the increment of the technology the business man are becoming good minded person they are doing the business by the help of technology. Business technology has came to mail and email where the customer can easily connect to the business man and give the information. Gmail is one type of business technology all business man are using this for doing business. In which in mail we can attach screen shot, invoices and other information.

Do you know what are business technology? 

               In the world everything is becoming easy with the technology but for the business  strategy is made and the strategy is the best technology in which the business man uses strategies for organizing and coordinating technology management across the business. In which technology is designed in such a way that it sees that the work is going on in the enterprise and gives the information where the enterprise is laging and which things to be used to be ahead in the market and come ahead from the compitors  in the market and get the name ahead of the company and standup to celebrate as an business man in which due to technology they know the demand of their consumers and the can  gain improvement in their goods and sells

                   Information technology was started from more then years ago and it got implemented in business more fastly to get growth in the business in which the business has made the department and managers to manage it and the owner just has to give the direction to the manager to manage the employes and in which to deal with the employees and managers so the company has made the systems in the system the owner see the directions that people are following or not and manager are making to do the employees in this direction and where people are laging in which owner get the information in the right time. Big efforts are made to contain the information technology in which the company takes the help of big IT companies which help the company to know every informations in which it can get ahead by the compitors and get successful with this and get the information work done by the employees can be known by the HR of the company and CEO of the company. Today’s time whole world is based on the technology without the technology in today’s world business cannot run 🏃💨 so this is called business technology. All of the company in this era are going for the technology for competing in the business. 
        Basic three dimensions of business technology

              Business technology has the three dimensions of doing the business and in which due to this now a days business is based on this are 1 Business capabilities, 
2 Digital frontline,  3 technology backbone
In this we talk about 1st business capabilities in which it is the process of the transformation of the business it is the asset of system and data of the business. These are the capabilities of the key for developing the utilizing the best way of the technology in this it is improving business of the capabilities and another is digital frontline  in which it helps to business to get the new opportunity and get the customers easily targeted in which the employees, partner and customers come in the chain. In which they makes the website and they can become ahead by the compitors by doing the digital frontline and they get help from this website. Technology backbone   at last is technology where everyone stands to make their business ahead by using the technology in which people gets the help and people and employees can contact and do the business of companies that they can earn their livehood with the earnings of the business people are using many criterias to fulfill their needs and make their earnings. 

           What are business technologycal gadgets? 
Gadgets are 1 Laptop,2 system of IT technology, 3 Machinery, 4 Technician
 5 pole of the company are
      There are many gadgets are used by business man and it’s company has in the business are 1contact team , 2 IT technique, 3 Managing team, 4 business HR ,5 Employees. These are the poles of the business💼👔👖and they are the firm and real asset of the company they should maintain and their intrest should be taken from them by giving their attention of money and life of the opportunity which help you to get the best company of the world all the strategies are to maintain the employees and get work in which the HR should have the best mind to make the company best and make in first place in the competition and get more profit to the company and make the employees intrest in the company by the hook or crook by the hardness or the softness and makes the work done as per the policy and terms it is the major part of the business to role for the company. 
Social media
          Last is social media it is best to get the customer attracted easily and get the fast 🚀 rapid speed by doing sponsorship and doing ads in social media which helps the business to grow fastly and stand up easily and get traffic from the sources of the information technology of the social media like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, tiktok, these are the best platform give the money as sponsorship and say them to make post or video for your company for the product you are selling in which the traffic comes to see your products and you can earn from there easily with the earnings you can make the big company from that it is best source of using media 
In this article you got the three part to know if you have any doubt you can easily ask to me by doing mail I will give you respond as fast as I can. 

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