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    In this guide you will get the knowledge about 5g and the best speed of the 5g networks and 5g mobiles about it and  why should you use 5g technology and all the questions in the mind will be solved and which locations 5g has started and difference between 4g and 5g all question answer will be solved. So let’s began to knowledge

             The 5g working has been started in the worldwide like in the United States 21 cities and the large towns. Locations like Bath, Chelmsford, Loughborough and Rochester like cities. Due to popularity of internet in the world wide so to increase the speed of the internet it is necessary to test and do survey of the 5g internet network. And makes the increment of the human being.The operators has also extended the coverages of the 5g internet it is done in the small scale and it will be extended in the limit of the world in which the world can use the 5g internet by the world wide.5g networks are going to come in world wide as the 4g networks which come in all world wide people are using this service and has increased internet speed. 5g has come in small rangea like UK CITIES it came in 71 cities and towns it covers many places. As the datas covered by the 5g are 5g has the harness of 40MHz slice of the 3.4Ghz spectrum brand for the 5g Services which is less for the world wide but it is more for the cities . It will be coming sooner to all the houses of the world. 
                  In the Uk vodafone has done the work of  the 5g networks 📡 in the Uk country and they are testing the speed vodafone is the biggest company it work in many other countries in the world their service are good and benifited for the people and people loves to be the consumer because it speed of internet is good. 5g testing is going on and the speed will be made the world wide platform for 5g and people will also use 5g more faster than the 4g and it’s speed will be good as compare to any other countries of the world. 
                 5g is new for the world. It cannot be given to the world  because it has only 40MHz it need more than that so that people can get and do download in which people can use thisbservice with benifitly and people can enjoy the services. In which EE does not provide their roll out plan beyond the point. The company operators said to their customer it will increase the services their speed to 100-150Mbps even in the busiest areas. It will be easy for the customers to use the 5g networks fastly. It can also breaks 1000Mbps milestone on their 5g phones. In the world wide the 4g is came in some parts of the world in the countries in which the country are planning to get the 5g for make the people ahead and can do their work. 5g is very important if it got successful people will be happy to use the services and helpful for the people. 
                   As first in 2012 the EE Team has launched the 4g which has in first low speed which could cover the big areas and it was not strong by going on time speed got increased and day by day it covered the large areas of the world and the operations and people liked and used the internet with the high speed of 4g but going on time people want the change 5g is a service to become advance as per the time and it will be increment to the services of the world. Due to people get benifited and in which company get earnings from 5g . The phone also going on smart people like to use the 5g smartphones and come ahead from it. Due to increase in the 5g smartphones people also be like to use the 5g internet facility in these regions. 
In these we have given the vast conclusion about the 5g network and speed and knowledge about EE 5g and about the companies which are going on upgrading of 5g services.If you have any upgrade information about the 5g you can send us we will name you in the article . 

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