Intel virtulization technology

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              Intel is very big brand and in which it’s technology is very good and famous in the world. Intel CPUs comes with the Intel Vertilization Technology it is formely is also know as Vanderpool the helps Intel cpu to act the several independent of the computers. In order to enables the several operating system to get running at the same time on the same machine. In this Intel virtulization technology has available in two versions VT-x, for x86 processors; and VT-x technology. Intel virtulization technology is not new many other new technology are there in market. There are some softwares in the market that enables Intel virtulization technology and with this technology you can do partition a single computer to act as there are several independent computers allowing several system to run many operating system in it  and with the technology to run at a time. In which for example you can run windows in one machine and run linux in another machine. It is very good technology for coming future. In Intel virtulization  technology you can got confused due to the virtulization with multitasking and multi core in it. 
 In the Intel virtulization technology When there is an single operating system and several programs were runing in the same time. In this virtulization you can have several operating system running in the parralel in which it has several programs running in it. In this system each operating system is running in a “virtual machine”.in this each operating system thinks that running in a completely independent computers in this system. Multi-core technology allows a single processor to have more than one physical processor inside in it. In which we can say that a computer with two CPUs installed working under the mode in which it is called symmetrical multiproccessing. Even though multi-core Cpu have one more processor inside in it So they cannot be used independently in this and The operating system is run by the first CPU core and the additional cores the cpu with additional cores must be used by the same operating system. In which there is nothing difference between the Single core Cpu and Multi core CPU. Another things in the technology like Hyper threading in which it has additional processor per CPU core. 
             In this Intel virtulization technology with the dual core CPU with the Hyper -Threading  technology is seen by the operating system as if it were a quade-core CPU. In this addtional processor  do not run separate In operating system without it. so operating system of Hyper threading technology which has the same effects in it with the same effect as the multi-core technology. In this it has VMware software which enables the virtulization. With them controlling software. It is improving performance compared to software based Solutions in it. When the CPU has support to virtulization technology it is hardware based or it can be also said Hardware assisted. Processore with the virtulization technology have the extra instructions set called virtulization Machine Extensions or VMX. VMX bring 10 new specifications to the CPU :VMPTRLD, VMPTRST, VMCLEAR, VMREAD, VMWRITE, VMCALL, VMXOFF, VMLAUNCH, VMRESUME, and VMXON. In which virtulization has two modes in it. 
                  In which the two modes of these technology Intel virtulization technology are VMX root operation and VMX non-root operation. Usually, only the virtulization controlling software called Virtual machine monitor runs underb root of the operating system runningbon top of virtual machines run under non-root operation. Softwarebrunningbon the top of virtual machines is also called guest software. To enter virtulization mode the software should execute the VMXON instructions, and exit it by using the VMRESUME instructions. If the VMM what’s to shutdown and exit the virtulization mode, it executes the VMOFF instructions in it. More recent processors have an extension called EPT. which allows each guest to own page table and tracks the memory address translations which is performs by the system. The exiting and returning fast reduces it’s performance in it. 
       This technology was released in 2005 not all the current processors supports intel this technology. The easiest way to verify it is CPU supports this technology to run the processor of this. In which after you installed this program and runs these intel virtualization technology you can see whether it is supporting or not you can see. It is the easiest way to see your cpu
                       In this you got the clear intel virtualization technology so of you have any quiet then write in comment and how you like the content. 

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