Stanley Steamer Car

      In these post you will get the detailed information about the Stanley Steamer car and about the company and about the establishment of cars and design, body work and all things in these content read the above to get the information.

                      Stanley Steamer car company was Founded in 1902 and made the first of the vehicle in 1897 and there headquarters in Maple Street in Watertown, MA in United -States. The Stanley motor Company was an Carriage company in the American Manufacturer of steam engines vehicles it operated from 1902 to 1924.So the car made by the company is called Stanley steamer company. In this para you got the history of Stanley steamer history about it. 
   Stanley steamer car was founded by F. O. Stanley and there car engine and the good specification and designs were 6hp power Stanley steam car engine .Gasoline burner for a Stanley steam car boiler. In Earlier stage Stanley cars had  very light  weight wooden bodies mounted on tubular steel frames by means of full elliptic springs. Steam 💨 was genrated in a vertical fire-tube boiler, mounted beneath the seat,with a vaporizing gasoline but in earline it was done by kerosine burner.In earlier models the tubes were made of the copper and in later models were made their installation with oil fouling in the expansion joints. The boiler became the reasonable safe with very little risk to the passengers . Owner also modified their Locomobiles by adding third party of their accessories and improved the lubricators, Condensor and devices. Then later come he sold these car to locomobile. Then Stanley brothersmade the new model and they moved to steam boiler to the front of there  vehicle. In The compact engine considerable to the steam pressure, with the 10 horsepower. 
        Stanley steamer car  has also set the world record for the fastest mile in the all automobile industry in the year 1906 this record could not broked by any automobile industries.Manufactures till the year of 1911,then Glen Curtiss beats the record with there good motorcyle v8 engine at 136 mph but The record of steam powered automobile was not broken untill2019.And the production of cars gets increased in 1917 it was 500 cars by the steamers company. Stanley steamer also got the nicknamed “The flying Teapot”.In 1918 the owner  francis Stanley’s accidently death, freelan Stanley sold his intrest to prescott warren. The company suffered the stage of decline. And the model output was not more than 20 hp was produced after 1918. And the better cars were started at low cost rates. Many companys they started manufacturing cars like Ford Model. And the Internal combusting cars beginning in 1912,eroded the advantages of the steam cars. 
        Due to lack of advertising and general desire of motorists for high speed and the faster starting ability which  not offered by the stanly vehicle and primary cause of the company demise and the factory in which permenantly closed in 1924.The steamer company apeared in 1948 by the film summer Holiday Starring Mickey Rooney and Gloria De haven with the 10HP IN THE  MODEL. Another stanley appears in 1965 film The Great Race Starring Jack Lemmon. 
    Stanley  Steamer car  was having the great name in the 19 th century and it was the first car who has 10 hp power in it and people has liked this cars of the stanley people also started buying the cars of the automobile . It was the good car in the era for the stenley Steamer cars. 
           In this article you have given cleared idea about the Stanley Steamer cars and in these all information how you see these olden cars give me opinion about it
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