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      Gaming has become a major part of  the   life to play and enjoy and Android games are improving day by day due to increase in technology in which it is becoming better and better over time. So without wasting time we start with top Android Games which has good ability and other features in it so read the above post.

1 Call of Duty
              It is the latest game which has the good features and stand in the list of Top   Android Games because it has become intensly popular with the high ratings and popularity the game has both modes fps and pvp ( player vs player) with modern Combats in it. There is many things in it. It has 100 player Royal in it and has to good dimmessional images and looks as we are playing live and competing real with the 100 players in it and dad by day all it is going better with time and it is getting increasing its popularity among people. And it is free to play by the player and it is easy to play. It will get in playstore 
                    This game has long history of success in the mobile gaming community and player like this game very much and it is free to play and Download the game. There is an Unkilled and the Dead Trigger games are mission style zombie shooters with a ton of mission and many things in this game which will be like to you. This is the best example of graphics and the good mechanics of Fps games. In which the latest game had been launch in it is is shadowgun and people likes to play in it There are also war games in this people are very eager to play it and it is easily available in the play store so you can easily download and play without paying any thing to it. 

                Nintendo games has good good decent number of games in it in which it got popular by mario game and making good mechenical games it has the one of the best platform on mobile it has many premium options available in it like Super Mario game it is an premium game it has recently added Dr. Mario World in 2019 it provides the good fun to the people and children many of the people from childhood till now they had been playing due to increasing in mechanical technology which is added in it which makes intrest of people and gets popular amount the world wide. It has the solid experiences and get fun to people and people likes and give good rating to it  

  4   Noodlecake studio 
                      They also makes good unique games. There games are also good and popular,. They also has made good titles like Framed 1 and 2  and made good varities of games and get popular which are Alto's adventure, RealMyst, wayward soul, island Delta, Milky shooter, Farm punks, lumino city. It has made the best uniqueness In there simplicity among the people and people like there games and children also can play with the best varites and the latest game is Summer Catchers with someone platform elements. This games are free to play and download and it has some hard and easy stages as we go ahead the stages becomes hard and that makes the creator perfect and popular among the people and children's. 

 5 Pokemon Go 
         Pokemon Go has become the popular
Game among the small children to young people because of the cartoon character pickachu and other characters it has 3d dimmensions and good mechanism  graphics in which people walk around the world and catch the pokemons and many people like to play because it shows the reality to play and people loves to become pokemon catcher and find the pokemons in the world and people like to find and catch the pokemon and play. It is free to play and download the game and it has the good ratings and popularity among the people because of showing the reality 

                      PUBG is the trendable game in playstore and has many download and good ratings in the play store it is free to download and it has good graphics and mechanisms in which people play and is compete among 100 player it is an battle between 1 vs 100 different player and to survive till last and win the game by the shooting and 3d Dimmensions in it so people feel like to play and it has good fun to play among children to young people and many people seems to play in every home 

7 Freefire 
                   Free fire has the good graphics and  has 100 million plus downloads from play store and it is easy to play in this pvsp battle takes place where 50 players has to compete and one has to survive and in this new game has came is death match and thers is many stuff in it so you can play more than hours as you can and the playeres are real which plays in these game it has large number of fans of free fire children to player has pvsp battle no one is small no one is big and it plays on the strategy and practice need to be in 1st position and has the guild and team options to play with friend and have fun to play among all and gets enjoyment to play and it is free to play . 

 In this I have given 7 Top Android games which are good and free to download from Google Play and you can play in your mobiles and get enjoyment to play if you like it write comment and subscribe and follow us 

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