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 In 1950s the luxury cars were made the cars were classic and the plus point was the cars were powerful with the speed and engine durability. The designs and techniques of accelaration were going good and day by day changes in the cars were becoming amazing every year but the cars were unsafe to drive the 1950s cars but people like to drive the speed cars and these gives them the luxury look.

                        In this article you will get the detailed  information about 1950s luxury cars and which became very popular at the time of interval. 1950s was the first stage of the automobile in America and the new concept was launched the "sports car".in which the races were held and the people liked the sport cars and day by day sport cars became popular and American people fell in love of the sport cars 

1 1950 Jaguar XK120
- Original price was $4000
-BODY WORK Sturdy chassis
-Independent Front suspension , live rear axle on leaf spring
-0 to 60 mph under 10 seconds

2 1953 Buick Roadmaster skylark
- Original price was $5000
-Coming with two doors
- white interior, selectonic AM radio, full carpeting, power breaks,power window
- V8 Engine and 12V electrical system
-Skylark center emblem

3 1957 Chevy Bel Air 
-Orignal price was $ 2380
-Two door convertible
-Super terbo fire 4.6 liter and V8 petrol engine 
-2 Power glide automatic transmission

4 1955 Chryslr imperial
-Orignal price was $15075
-It has V8 engine
-Produced 180 horsePower
-Wheelbas 4.0 inches

5 1956 Continental Mark ||
-Orignal price was $10000
-interior was made of Lather
-it has A 6.0 litre V8 Engine which gives      285 horse power
-changed name to Lincoln Umbrella

6  1959 Cardilac Couple deVille
-Orignal list price $4600
-With iconic shape 
-V8 petrol engine gives power of 325 hp
-it maintained its tradition smooth 

7  1952 Bentley R-Type Continental
- Orignal price was $18000
- Flashy style and speed makes popular
- 4.6 litre V6 engine 130 horsepower
-101 Top speed 
-4 Speed manual transmission

8 1956 BMW 503 Carbriolet
 - Orignal price was $17000
 - 3.2 liter V8 engine 
 - Acceleleration 190km/h
 - Bodywork was made of aluminium 2+2        seating arrangements
 - BMW's First sports car

9 1955 Mercedes-Benz 300SL
 -  Orignal price was USD 16000
 -  Fastest car in the world in 1955
 -  Direct injection of 3.0 litre gasoline             engine
 -  Boosting power almost 25%

10 1950 Pontiac Chieftain Catalina
   -  Orignal price was 6,000
   - it includes radio, seven vacum tubes,          tissue dispensers, under seat heaters        and a Remington Auto-Howe shaver
   -  Horsepower 8-Cylinder rose engine            116hp
   -   0-60 mph in 14.9 seconds 

    The list of 1950s luxury cars which were accomplished and the sold units were
Ford, chevrolet, plymouth, Buick, pontiac, Oldsmobile, Mercury, Dodge, studebaker, packard, chrysler, cadillac, Nash, DeSotto, Rambler, Hudson, Lincoln, kaiser, Henry, Edsel, imperial, willys, continental, frazer in which these cars were made and sold in 1950s to 1959 and automobile got great success in it and sold estimately was 57,914,259.The total almost 58 million and cars were made  produced and sold in United States by the American manufactuers and the end of decade it is said that every one car was have  between 3 person that was craze of automobile in United States and all were purchasing cars and the manufacturers were earning more and production units has been increased due to popularity of cars and chevys was the most popular among the people up till now . 57 chevy till now getting sold with good prize due to design and engine speed. In Automobile industry it was refers to general Motors, Ford and Chrysler the sales of company accounted to 70 percent of the sales. The share of automobile was grewed in this decades and some of the dominating industry were claiming 94 of percent automobile sales in which the year were 1955,1956,and 1959.in earlier 1950s the suspension design  most of the automobiles company used  a kingpin - based front suspension which limited the degree and free movement and ultimately the smoothness of the ride at higher ⬆⬆ speed. These support the weight of the car in combination with shock absorber the new suspension designs were safer and higher speed was designed in 1950s luxury cars and which were good to ride with the good speed. 

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